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At City Skills we offer a wide selection of courses within the construction and motor vehicle industries at a range of different levels. Whether you are interested in Carpentry & Joinery, Plumbing, Plastering or Motor Vehicle, we have the right course to meet your individual needs.  

Our Courses:

Steven Chapman
Teacher of Electrical Installation

Steven has many years of experience working within the industry across Greater Manchester. After a successful career in the industry, Steven commenced his teaching career here at City Skills.
Nicholas Evans
Teacher of Motor Vehicle

Nick has been teaching Motor Vehicle for just over 14 Years. Prior to that he had 26 years industry experience working on light and heavy vehicles in main dealers and independent repairers. Nick is very proud of the department’s achievements since he helped establish it just over three years ago.
Stephen Farrell
Teacher of Multi-Skills and Painting and Decorating

Stephen is a qualified painter and decorator who has a vast amount of experience in all aspects of the industry. He has worked in the television and theatrical industry as a scenic painter where he worked on small world and pirates of the Caribbean at Euro-Disney.
Alan Fogg
Teacher of Motor Vehicle

Alan has 30 years motor trade experience where he started work as an apprentice and worked his way up to the role of Service Manager. He has been teaching motor vehicles in Colleges for approximately 15 years and has a wealth of experience to share with his learners. He has a BA with honours in education & training.
Leon Hilton
Teacher of Electrical Installation

Leon has recently come to City Skills college as a new teacher after over 20 years as an electrician. He has a wealth of industry experience which he now shares with our students at the College.
Mohammed Hussain
Teacher of Brickwork

Whilst teaching at City Skills, Mohammed is currently gaining his Cert-Ed qualification. With many years of experience, he is ready to pass on the knowledge he has gained to students.
Michael Jackson
Teacher of Civil Engineering

Michael was a student at the college many years ago. He has worked at the college for 16 years, firstly as a bricklaying tutor, and more recently as a civil engineering tutor. Michael is Fully qualified to teach both subjects, has ample experience in the trades and is a highly motivated and enthusiastic tutor.
Chris Lamb
Curriculum Leader of Construction

Chris is a time served Plasterer who has worked within the construction since leaving school. Here at Salford City Skills, Chris is a Curriculum Leader who promotes the highest levels of achievement within the construction team. Through enthusiasm and expertise he leads, develops and monitors the curriculum(s) to ensure maximised achievement and progression of all students.
Jarrod Maguire
Teacher of Carpentry and Joinery 

Jarrod has been at the college for 16 years as a teacher of carpentry and joinery  and has witnessed many full time students and apprentices from the local area achieve their goals. Having worked in all aspects of carpentry and joinery from site, to shop-fitting, it has enabled him to pass relevant skills to students .
 Duncan Roden
Curriculum Leader of Carpentry & Joinery and Multi-Trades.

Duncan is a time served Site Carpenter who has over 35yrs experience within the construction industry. Duncan has gained skills and knowledge in all aspects in construction which enables him to comfortably teach in all areas. Duncan started teaching in 2001 and is now a valued member of the construction team.
 Danny Ross
Teacher of Electrical Installation

Danny has 20 Years of experience in many areas of the Electrical Industry, ranging from large industrial and commercial sites across the country, to company owner in the domestic sector and training apprentices to become fully qualified and self-employed electricians of the future.
Stephen Sadler
Teacher of Carpentry and Joinery

Stephen is a time served joiner who has experience in all aspects of site carpentry, completing a varied portfolio of 1st and 2nd fix, structural carcasing, new builds, shop fitting and barn conversions. Stephen entered education in 2006 to follow his passion for learning new skills that ultimately he could apply to training the future construction workers of today.
Tony Wallace
Teacher of Painting and Decorating 

Tony is a highly driven Lecturer and tradesman who takes great pride and pleasure in seeing students succeed to the best of their ability. He has worked in the Construction Industry for 40 years. Industry and education has given him vast experience communicating effectively and working within a multidisciplinary team.