Business & Travel

Our Business and Travel courses will help you gain a good understanding of the processes and practices organisations must undertake to make key business decisions. You will learn about marketing, human resources, and operational strategies. Management and planning are the backbone to commercial success and a sound understanding of key business concepts are important to anyone aspiring to a career in business. If you possess effective communication skills, you enjoy meeting new people, and you have a keen interest in travel, then this course is for you.

Ms McNally 
Head of Department, Business, Travel & Tourism

After graduating from the University of Salford with a BA(Hons) in Tourism Management, Ms McNally pursued a career in the classroom, teaching a range of subjects, including Business Studies and Travel & Tourism. Outside of work she has a passion for travelling, which she brings to her lessons. 
 Ms Haslam 
Teacher of Business

Ms Haslam has worked at the College for the last 17 years. Prior to teaching she had spent many years working for her family business where she developed the skills and knowledge that she shares with her students during her lessons.
Mr Hilton 
Teacher of Business & Travel

Mr Hilton graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Leisure, Business Management and IT. He has a passion for teaching, having worked at Eccles Sixth Form College since 2007 and enjoys supporting our students to progress. 
Ms Ryder 
Curriculum Leader for Business & Travel

Having previously worked in the financial (banking) sector, Ms Ryder applies her knowledge and experience of industry to her teaching at Eccles Sixth Form College. An experience teaching professional with over 18 years in the Classroom, Ms Ryder enjoys helping our students succeed.
Ms Sweeney 
Teacher of Business & Travel

With over 20 years experience of teaching Business, Ms Sweeney joined the team at Eccles Sixth Form College last September, after spending a year working at our partner Pendleton Sixth Form College. She is a well-qualified professional who is dedicated to maintaining high standards of education. 
Ms Thatcher 
Teacher of Business

A business and finance professional with over 16 years of experience teaching business in the UK and abroad. Ms Thatcher has worked at Eccles Sixth Form College for a year now and loves the high standards and levels of support given to our students.