Business & Culture

Our Business and Culture department is equipped to give you the edge. The edge might be the interview, the skills, the placement or the job. Whatever it may be, our aim is to ensure you gain the knowledge and experience you need to take your next steps either into employment, further study or an apprenticeship. Students will have direct contact with industry professionals, allowing them to explore their future opportunities.

Our Courses:

Sinead Goodwin

Head of Department, Business and Cultural Studies

Sinead joined Pendleton Sixth Form College in 2005 after a career working in both the TV industry at ITV and the Film industry at Fox Studios in Australia. Sinead has a BA (Hons) in Film Studies and Philosophy and enjoys sharing her industry knowledge.

David Smith

Head of Department, English

David is Head of English at Pendleton Sixth Form College. He holds a degree in English Literature and a first-class MA in Literary Studies. He has taught for over 20 years and has been a Head of Department for 10 years. He enjoys creative writing, music, running and cycling.

Jennifer Craven

Teacher of Media Studies, Journalism and Criminology

Jen has years of experience working in the Design, Media and Journalism industry, including the Manchester Evening News before pursuing her passion for teaching and achieving the QTLS badge of professionalism. In her spare time, Jen runs her own media business.

Sarah Hardie

Teacher of Business and Financial Studies

Sarah has taught Business and Finance at GCSE, A-level and in the Higher Education sector for over 15 years. She has a passion for business and finance, with a particular interest in how financial topics can help students evaluate business performance.

 Gillian Lowe

Teacher of Film Studies / Head of Quality

After completing her honours degree in Media Studies, Gillian decided to pursue her passion for teaching, completing her PGCE and joining the team at Pendleton Sixth Form College. 

Helen Mather

Teacher of English

Helen completed her degree in Education and Linguistics at The University of Wolverhampton, followed by a PGCE at Bolton University. Helen has a passion for English and cooking and would love to use her knowledge to write a book for the home cook. 

Jessica Reynolds

Teacher of Business & Financial Studies

After graduating from The University of Manchester with a first-class degree, Jessica began her career within the business sector as an accountant adviser. She later moved to teaching; applying her knowledge and experienced to her lessons.

Osman Riaz

Teacher of English

Having completed a BA and MA in English at Gonville & Caius College, The University of Cambridge and an MA in Modernism at the University of Manchester, Osman decided to convert his skills and knowledge to pursue his passion for teaching, joining us in 2018. 

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